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For the first 25 years of my life I found it difficult to put on any weight regardless of what I ate, what a great problem to have! I ate like I was 18, living on frozen pizza and pop. Then one day my body played a cruel trick on me and shut down my metabolism. Within a short two year time span I added 30 pounds to my frame and increased my pant size from 29 to 38!!

Yeah, it happened that quick and I needed to do something fast!

I tried several different styles of fitness programs but punching things just resonated with me and in this blog I am going to cover the benefits of a combat style training system that helped me lose 30 pounds as well as other positive impacts.


When it comes to working out, there are so many different types of exercise and programs that you can take part in. From yoga to CrossFit, people have an endless amount of choices when it comes to choosing a workout style. While all of these exercises are beneficial in multiple ways, I am going to focus on one in particular for this article — boxing.

Boxing is a fun, unique, and extremely beneficial workout style that people of all fitness levels can enjoy. At Punch Fit we know that there are many benefits of boxing and we want to share those benefits with you and help you find a fun, new workout routine! In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits of boxing. Read on to learn more!


Boxing is a cardio workout that gets your heart pumping and your lungs working. Aerobic exercise, which is also known as cardio, is important for your heart health. Boxing will have you working your heart and lungs, breaking a sweat, and burning calories. While boxing may not seem as great of a cardio workout as running on the treadmill, we can guarantee you that it is.

A good cardio workout puts a moderate amount of stress on your heart and lungs, allowing them to adapt to support more physical activity. Anything that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up is a great aerobic exercise and great for your heart health, and boxing can do just that!


Boxing is a great exercise for fat loss. According to a Livestrong article, training like a boxer can cause you to burn around 30 calories per minute. Since boxing requires so much energy, you will be burning a lot of calories and ridding your body of fat.

This is a full-body workout that will have you sweating, working hard, and burning fat! This workout type is a great choice for those who are trying to lose weight for medical reasons or if you simply want to drop some pounds.


It is hard not to lose fat when you pick up boxing as a form of exercise, it is also hard not to put on muscle. You are punching and kicking a bag that is at least 100 pounds, meaning that you have to put a lot of strength into every move.

Boxing works your upper body, lower body, and core, plus you will likely do strength training workouts during your boxing videos.

If you stick with boxing for a while, you will begin to notice your muscles are building up all over your body! If you want a workout that helps you build more muscle and strengthens your core, boxing is a great workout to try!


I don't know.... there is just something empowering about knowing how to throw a punch!

Working out, in general, can offer awesome stress-relieving benefits by releasing dopamine every time you exercise. But boxing can take that one step further!

Punching inanimate objects is an awesome way to relieve stress. Sometimes a simple run or weight lifting session is not enough to rid your body of the stress you have been carrying, but punching and kicking as hard as you can may be just what you need to reduce stress and feel better!

I always put myself in a situation when I train on the bag or focus mitts. I think about being in an octagon, self-defense situation, or a co-worker ;) when hitting a heavy bag.

By using my imagination it no longer feels like "exercise" and takes on a more functional purpose. Time seems to fly by and it doesn't even seem like a workout!


Ok so now we are a little older and that jump across two foot pond we used to do with ease as a kid, looks a lot further now! As we find ourselves chained to desk and becoming more sedentary not only do we pack on the pounds but we also lose our hand eye coordination.

Boxing is a great fitness program that when done regularly increases agility as well as hand/ eye coordination.

Studies have shown that boxing has even increased the quality of life for those suffering from Parkinson's Disease which lead to the formation of Rock Steady Boxing that focuses on helping people suffering from this illness through boxing.

Before I knew it I was doing 30" box jumps with ease and training for mud runs.

Builds Confidence

As a teenager weighing in at a whooping 98 pounds I often found myself getting picked on in high school.

Low self-esteem followed me as I aged. I found myself quiet and reluctant to participate in any group actives including sports or business meetings. I focused on keeping my head down, doing my work, and staying off the radar. I avoided confrontation when ever possible. This "strategic" plan of mine reduced my career advancement opportunities.

As I approached my thirties I enrolled in a Krav Maga training facility and immediately became hooked. I trained 4-6 days a week and quickly noticed my body changing as well as my confidence.

While I didn't enter any underground cage matches I did find my "voice". I started to speak up in meetings and started to get recognized. Within a few short months I started taking lateral moves that lead to promotions.

This new found confidence gave me the boost I needed to walk away from a "safe 15-year" career and start my own business Punch Fit!


As I packed on the weight and a boring routine set in I noticed my wife no longer looked at me with predatory glare like she once did. Instead I felt more like a roommate that was responsible for half the household expenses.

Almost immediately after working out I noticed a difference in my attitude that followed with changes in my body.

My wife started to notice and routine was replaced with passion. It is like being in being in my 20's all over again!


In conclusion if you are looking for a great workout program that is fun, guaranteed to burn calories, build confidence, and put that peep back in your step give Punch Fit TV a try!

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