What Size Boxing Glove Should I get?


One of the questions I am asked most often is "What boxing glove should I get?", "How do I know my boxing glove size?", or "What size boxing glove should a women get?"

In this blog I am going to break down on how should pick out the correct size for a boxing glove and then the weight for that application.

It should be important to note if you are currently training in a gym and your coach advises something different to what I cover in this blog, follow their lead. Your coach is providing you direction based on your skill level and their program.

Does size really matter???

Well yes, in this case it most certainly does. One should consider application, skill level, and weight when choosing the correct boxing glove size.

What the difference is between a 8 oz glove and a 16 oz glove is nothing more than the padding between your fists and an object but choosing the correct weight will reduce your chance of injury and increase the intensity of your workout.

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The combat fitness enthusiast will benefit most from the 16oz boxing glove.

The core demographic for this group is the college student, stay at home parent, working professional, and retiree.

This group comes in all different shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Their goals are often fun workouts programmed to burn a ton of calories with a goal to lose weight, build strength, tone up, build confidence, and have fun doing it.

Busy schedules generally allow this group to fire up 2-4 videos per week.

And while form and safety are a number one priority this group is concerned about fun, high intensity workouts, and does not focus on conditioning drills that an athlete would for competition.

The heavier 16oz glove helps reduce the chance of injury when hitting heavy bags, focus mitts, and Thai pads. The extra padding also helps reduce the discomfort when doing exercises such as push-ups, sprawls, and the dreaded burpees on the fists.

As an additional bonus adding 16 ounces (which is a pound) to end of your arms will greatly increase the intensity of the workouts giving you those crazy sexy arms!


Fighters that compete at the amateur level in the US have a specified the size of glove that shall be used at each weight class. If you are competing at this level be sure to check glove requirements in the rule book.

In professional fights, all competitors up to welterweight will use an 8 oz glove, Light Flyweight to Light Welterweight fights competitions use 10 oz gloves, and Welterweight to Super Heavyweight competitions use 12 oz gloves.

The Master’s division uses size 16 oz for all competitions.


If your skills are beyond that of a novice but you are not ready to jump into a ring check out this sizing chart from Hayabusa.

The chart will help you pick out the best size based on your height and weight.

More information on this chart can be found on Hayabusa's website (CLICK HERE)


Boxing fitness is my passion and as a result invest a lot into the proper equipment. I use several different gloves based on application.

Overall, I am most comfortable in 10 oz and use them often. I prefer to have the least amount of protection between my fists and the object that I am hitting. I do this to condition my hands as well as strengthen my wrists in the event I need to strike without gloves.

If I am working with someone new, I will increase the weight to a 12 oz or 16 oz glove to slow down the strikes and add a little padding to reduce the discomfort on my training partner.

If I want a really good workout, I will use 16 oz gloves to set my arms on fire.

The best combination for Punch Fit workouts I have found is combining Hayabusa's T3 boxing glove and a pair of Woddies from Jerk Fit. This combination offers the perfect balance of wrist support and the ability to easily transition between boxing and resistance training. This set up works especially well with our MMA workouts.


It is important to choose a glove based on skill level, application, and size.

While there are many sizing options out there it is important that you use proper form when striking to avoid injury. Boxing gloves are designed to reduce the chance of injury but they can't eliminate it.

When striking make sure to keep the wrist locked out and the fist clenched.

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Now its time to start your workout so grab your gloves and hope over to to Get Fit, Get Strong, and Get Tough!

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