Working Out From Home is the Hottest Trend


So much has changed in the fitness industry in such a short amount of time since the pandemic of March 2020. In the past all you had to worry about was when Chad was going to stop looking at social media on his phone so you could use the bench or when will Stacy take a break from taking selfies in front of the mirror so that you can use them for the intended use and actually look at yourself working out.

Even in small gym communities that were once about supporting each other’s goals has been impacted by COVID issues. From wondering how often the gym is actually cleaned to Karen shooting you death stares because your mask fell below your nose after a few burpees.

As a gym owner I experienced first-hand the impact the pandemic had from a member and business perspective. I have my own opinion on the topic from the perspective of a gym owner but unlike a Hollywood celebrity, I know I am not a doctor and I am going to stay in my lane on this highly politicized topic.

Instead, I will be focusing this blog on the fitness trends going into 2021 and the explosion in the online fitness streaming programs. Working out from home has never been so popular and starting to be the norm for now. I will also cover the TOP reasons you should skip the gym and workout from home!

Regardless on where you stand on the COVID issue several things became clear. In a matter of a few days, we learned the government could at any time effectively close business including your favorite gym in which you had just paid a full year membership to get that free month discount.

The uncertainty of if a gym would ever open again caused many members to cancel their memberships and when the gyms did reopen many people did not feel comfortable coming back.

Once the gyms reopened the landscape had changed as new rules that included aggressive cleaning, social distancing, and wearing uncomfortable masks during an intense workout made it no longer fun to workout in group settings.

Actually, I am getting ahead of myself, first I have to jump back to 2010 when I started my fitness journey working out from home. Up until 2007 it was virtually impossible for me to put on weight and believe me, I tried! I ate like I was on a Taco Bell, Coke, and Jack’s Pizza college budget and didn’t gain a pound! Then my body played a cruel joke on me, slowed my metabolism, and in the short span of six months I found myself 35 pounds heavier and my paint size jumped from a scrawny 29 to 36!!!

I had to do something, but I didn’t know anything about exercise, wasn’t looking to invest in a trainer, and I sure as hell didn’t want to step in a gym and workout in my current condition. That’s when images of my mom working out with Richard Simmons popped into my mind and how she loved that guy and his craziness motivated her to workout.

I bought my first DVD series, Power Block dumbbells, pull-up bar, and went to work. It took 9 months of exercise and adjusting my nutrition before I reduced my weight to 165 but something else was different… in addition to weight loss I added lean muscle!! Hell, even my wife looked at me like we were in high school again (not to mention the other moms at the park;))!

I just knew I had to share fitness with others and that is when I opened CrossFit Lake Bluff which evolved to Punch Fit.

As we grew our member base, I noticed a trend; many people start strong then tend to fall off the wagon after a few months. Upon further investigation I found reoccurring reasons for this phenomenon; members stated they were too busy, our schedule didn’t always match theirs, and in some cases personality clashes with other members.

I had a problem that I needed to fix that is when I remembered video workouts and decided to blend my love of fitness with my bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Animation to create Punch Fit TV.

First, I started with our YouTube channel (CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE) that gained traction very quickly not only with my members others that came across our content online.

Next, we partnered with a company that launched our Netflix style streaming service Punch Fit TV (CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT). Immediately we were able to offer workouts to members and expand the Punch Fit brand globally offer our style of fitness to anyone that was interested.

But why would anyone want to exercise from home?

Here are the top reasons why people chose Punch Fit TV and working from home:


Listen this isn’t a blog to scare you, but many people just don’t feel safe going back to the gym just yet. Even more people HATE working out in uncomfortable masks; restricted air, coughing, sneezing in them, and not to mention taking selfies having to wear them!

Many people feel a lot of tension in the gym, especially from trainers and owners who are afraid of being closed down if someone is seen in the facility not adhering to the CDC guidelines. Rules are strictly enforced making for a negative experience every time you go to the gym.

Conversely others feel some gyms are too relaxed and not abiding by the rules. Equipment is rarely wiped down, social distance is ignored, and masks are used as chin straps. A quick look at the mirrors hanging on the wall and one can tell that some gyms are neglected even by pre-COVID standards.

Not to mention environments that rely on group interaction like boxing fitness, martial art gyms, boot camps, and CrossFit make it virtually impossible to have a fun and productive workout.


Pre-COVID time was always the #1 reason people skipped a workout. As a gym owner I found it almost impossible to make everyone happy with a schedule for group classes that was both a benefit to a member’s schedule and financially responsible for the business.

When you have a gym membership that requires you to leave the house your time is also eaten away by driving to and from the gym. Getting organized at the gym and cleaning up when you are done. A 45-minute workout has now taken 90-minutes to 2-hours of your day!

I totally get it; today’s life is extremely busy, and schedules are constantly changing as a result most people just can’t schedule their life around a gym schedule. Working out from home allows YOUR fitness schedule to adapt to YOUR lifestyle.

Working out from home gives you complete control and autonomy to crush your goals.


Obviously as a coach I see the advantages in personal training from keeping the client safe, on track, and motivate to continue however I completely understand the cost of a trainer is outside some budgets.

Many personal trainers in gyms are commission based and unfortunately in today’s environment need to be pushy and sell high priced packages. Again, I see the value for a good quality trainer but in today’s economy that may not be an option for most.

Working out from home provides a cost-effective solution to paying for a trainer. Any good fitness streaming service will take the collective knowledge the coaches experienced in the real word environment and apply that knowledge to the videos.

Our videos are programmed with limited equipment and small spaces in mind this brings the cost of equipment down as well. Most of our workouts require only a few pieces of equipment and are programmed for any fitness level. In addition, my philosophy is “resistance is resistance” and a kettlebell can easily be replaced with a dumbbell.


Finding a commercial gym with a heavy bag is like finding a unicorn that farts out Skittles.

Few commercial gyms especially the 24-hour franchise locations don’t have a heavy bag let alone a qualified trainer that knows how to coach on how to safely and effectively hit the bag.

There are so many options and styles for heavy bags, there is bound to be a punching bag that can fit in almost any budget. Many of the free-standing bags can be moved out of the way when not in use.


Very few people, at least in the beginning, don’t feel confident to workout in front of others. You don’t have to worry about how much you are lifting, people checking out your form, and why your sports bra looks better on that girl when getting fit from home!

Just like working from home for your day-to-day job in your pj’s getting fit can be done in any article of clothing! Which reminds me have you checked out our store for cool merch (I originally wrote swag but was instantly corrected by my daughter)??

Instead working out at home allows you to focus on what is important, fitness!


There is nothing more frustrating than having a stranger walking up to you trying to “help” you on your form. Whether you are a man or woman this is very frustrating no matter how well the intentions may be of the would-be trainer.

Whether it is poor advice or an attempt at a pick-up, chances are the encounter will be unwanted and uncomfortable.

If you still enjoy going to the gym one way to avoid this is to put in the earphones and find a Punch Fit video to take with you to the gym. The videos will keep you on track and make everyone around you aware that you know what you are doing and to leave you alone.


Grunting, screaming, and cracked out on pre-workout muscle bound members caught in the purple haze pump can be very intimidating to ask if you can use the bench. Ya know the one they have been sitting on for the last 40 minutes and only did two sets.

Some people don’t like when weights are picked up and slammed on the ground and others love it, but the gym management won’t allow it.

Working out from home avoids these toxic personalities that include equipment hogging, creepy guy in the corner watching everyone working out, and you can lift your weights the way you want to!


This is a problem that hits home the most for me, it was impossible to get a workout done when these girls where always hitting on me! Hahaha

One day you go to the gym and out of the corner of your eye you catch someone checking you out, you know in a creepy way.

Then you start see that person going to the gym on the same days at the same time, so you adjust your schedule to avoid them. Then just a few days later the creeper’s schedule has changed aligning with yours and now uses this as a reason to come in hard with their pickup skills.

After the awkward interaction you now are no longer looking forward to go to the gym. Instead grab your boxing gloves, turn on a Punch Fit video and attack the heavy bag!

Actually, now that I think about it… this is how I picked up Aneta! Hahaha


One of our most successful programs has been our hybrid fitness plans where we combine our streaming service with personal training.

Aneta or I would meet with our clients 1-4 times a month for a workout. During these sessions we also address any of questions our members have in regard to the videos such as what weight should be used, alternative movements, and form checks to name a few.

Then we assign videos to watch until our next visit.


Ok so now you may have decided working out from home is for you, but you have to put in the work. I will focus on how to be successful working from home in future blogs but the one thing I want to focus on here is routine and discipline.

Although you are excited now motivation will only get you so far. Think of motivation like a key to a car. It will get you started but if you don’t routinely put pressure on the gas pedal you won’t go anywhere.

That is where discipline comes in. You have to commit to yourself at least one hour a day regardless of how you feel. I mean we go to work when we don’t feel like it right, and that is 8 plus hours out of your day!!!!!

Trust me once you see the changes happen to your body and comments from those close to you, you WILL become addicted to fitness!!!


The events of 2020 have changed the landscape of fitness for the foreseeable future. Working out from home provides the safest, covenant, and most cost-effective ways to get in shape.

Punch Fit TV (when mixed with proper nutrition) is the most effective fitness program for your weight loss, muscle tone, and bulk goals. With our ever expanding library of fitness videos Aneta and I will help define and reach your health goals on your schedule to help you lose weight fast!

I guarantee you that by dedicating 4-5 days per week to Punch Fit TV you will see amazing results when our program is mixed with a proper nutrition plan.

Get Fit, Get Strong, and Get Tough!

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