The BadAss Starter kit is loaded with everything you need to get started (except the heavy bag)!


Start by picking your color for a pair of Hayabusa S4 boxing glove. This glove is 16oz and provides excellent padding protecting your knuckles. The foam splint supports your wrists to prevent awkward bends.


The S4 is also the only entry level glove that I know of to offer a wipe-away sweat thumb. It's made with a suede-like material that makes it easy to wipe sweat from your face while you're still training. Trust me you will love this feature!!


If you go with this kit you are committed to becoming the best badass version of yourself so you will need gear that lasts! These gloves were built to take a beating. The durable PU leather outer shell and injection molded foam padding that protects and lasts for years to come.


You have a lot of intense fun workouts ahead of you that will require tons of water so pick a color for a bottle to keep you hydrated and in the fight!


Also included in the box is a pair of black Hayabusa hand wraps designed to keep your fists and wrists safe when striking. 180-inch Mexican style hand wraps made with high-quality cotton and the perfect amount of stretch. These wraps are comfortable, durable, and conform to your hands to add an essential layer of support and protection while training.


Be sure to get 2-3 more hand wraps because you wouldn’t wear the same sweaty pair of underwear before washing them, would you????


The kit includes a branded draw string bag to keep all your gear together.


Finally, we included a full year of Punch Fit TV and all our content! Punch Fit TV is workout program that offers boxing, CrossTraining, and tutorial videos designed to get you fit, strong, and tough! Oh and if needed you will also probably lose a few pounds. 😉


If you were to buy all these items individually you would spend $215 but we discounted the package to $175!


*Free year code for Punch Fit TV will be sent in a separate email.

Build A BadAss Starter Kit

Boxing Gloves
Water Bottle

Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves:

  • Wrist support: Single splint
  • Hand protection: Injection molded foam
  • Closure: Single strap
  • Lining: XT2® fabric
  • Material: PU vegan leather
  • Other: Wipe-away sweat thumb
  • Basics: Attached thumb, perforated palm, foam grip bar, ergonomic thumb position
  • Best for: Entry-level

Hayabusa Hand Wraps:

  • Length: 180-Inches
  • Width: 2-Inches Hook and Loop: Low Profile (Molded Hook)
  • Starter loop: Yes Best for: Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, & more. Materials: 50% cotton, 50% nylon
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold (We recommend using a wash bag) Dryer Safe Packaging

Punch Fit Water Bottle:

  • Capacity: 17oz
  • Material: 18/8 GradeStainlessSteel
  • Dimension: 2.64" D x 9.88" H x 2.64" W

Punch Fit Draw String Bag:

  • 6.0 oz.
  • 100% cotton
  • Drawstring cinch rope closure
  • 17" W x 20" H



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