Punch Fit Programs

Unlike traditional gym workouts, Punch Fit workout programs combine the proven effects of calisthenics with the raw power of boxing. Structured to give you all the benefits of cardio, strength, flexibility, and core training, your Punch Fit session not only addresses all those aspects of health and wellness, but does so in an empowering and motivating manner. We’re here to help you harness and release the natural power within you while punching the livin’ daylights out of any punching bag that dares to cross your path.

Our Unique Sessions

We know. Getting to the gym is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth. Either you’re scheduling yourself to join some inane fitness class where your face isn’t any more recognized than your backside, or you’re wasting time waiting for the crowds to finally dismount the overused treadmills. Either way, more than likely, the day’s workout was more stressful on your emotional state than it was your muscles. We agree. It’s time to change things up.

So, our group workout sessions are two to three hours in length. Simply show up when it works for you, join in the circuit when ready, and leave when you’ve gotten out of it what you came for. Each fitness class block is made up of three-minute rounds. You’ll enjoy exercise routines that include cardio and strength training, as well as flexibility, endurance, and coordination routines. And of course, you’ll be encouraged to hit stuff. Hard.

Punch Fit Sessions include:

  • Elements of Strength & Conditioning
  • On Ramp Courses
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching

Convenient. Fun. Effective. Safe. Punch Fit programs are truly everything you want and expect out of a workout.

Plus, punching things is just cool!

Find out why so many men and women are strapping on the gloves to change up their fitness routine and schedule your first Punch Fit workout now.