We do loan out some basic equipment for our Punch Fit classes to new members, however we highly recommend that you purchase your own gear. You wouldn’t want to go on a 10 mile hike before breaking in your boots, and gloves work in a similar manner.

The first step in picking the right boxing gloves (16 oz.) is to purchase quality gloves that match your commitment level.  We recommend boxing gloves will protect your hands, wrists, reduce chance of injury, increase your confidence to punch harder, and last longer in the workout. We highly recommend that you do NOT go down to the sporting goods store and buy the gloves that look the nicest or are the cheapest. They usually offer little protection for you AND they will probably fall apart in a short period of time. We choose brands that are trusted in the industry and that we have personally used for years. Your fitness journey is an investment and your workout gear should be too!

Hand wraps help protect the bones and tendons in your hands. In addition, they will help support your wrist and thumb. To help prevent injuries, always wrap your hands before using any type of boxing glove or bag gloves. Again try to AVOID buying your hand wraps at a sporting goods store. They tend to be the wrong size and they won’t last too long. Injuries delay progress and we would hate to see that happen so spending a little more on higher quality will pay off here!

MMA style (4-6 oz) also known as “small gloves” are often used in our WOD’s, as they protect your hands and give you the ability grip equipment to do everything from pull-ups, kettlebell swings, to cleans. A must for serious members taking advantage of the four plus commitment package.