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Wrapping your hands, strapping on a pair of boxing gloves, and hitting things can feel very intimidating. Picking up heavy objects (weights) and learning new movements can seem downright scary.

Now you can bring Punch Fit into your home!!!

Punch, kick, and lift your way to best version of yourself on a schedule that works best for you.

If you are new to Punch Fit start with our Kickstart series of videos then from there checkout our boxing, MMA, and resistance training workouts.

New content is loaded weekly and you can cancel any time!


LIVE Workout 3/24: Chris' Heavy Bag


Workout Videos

Hop over to our YouTube channel where we have full length follow along boxing and resistance training examples.

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How to Videos

Learn How to Punch

Striking Combinations

Heavy Bag Workouts

MMA Workouts

Resistance Training


Still have questions? 

Check out these reviews and how to videos that we created based on questions we are asked most often. 


What size boxing glove will you need?

Basic Hand Wrap

Boxing 101 (The Fundamentals)

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