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I don't mean to brag.... ok maybe a little, but I am super proud of our 90, 5 star reviews across Google, Yelp, and social media outlets!!!

Here are just a few of those reviews from current members.

"Love this place! Chris and Aneta are really friendly and are dedicated to making sure that you have the techniques down. Fantastic workout and positive environment! ^_^"

-Myrtle Castro







"Aneta and Chris are awesome!! They will NOT allow you to fail. They push you to be excellent and work out to your full potential. I know if I were working out on my own I wouldn’t push myself hard. With them, I see results quick - when Im consistent. Your body will transform right before your eyes. Your confidence level and self esteem will sky rocket! Whether you are totally out of shape and trying to lose weight or in shape and looking to go to the next level. They got you - don’t hesitate! Stop by and join the punchfit family."

-Shelly McDaniel




"I joined through 30 day kickoff program. I am new to boxing and the training and techniques here are so detailed.Chris and Aneta are most friendly and always encourage to push ourselves a bit more. The program is amazing and since the classes are in small groups you get a feeling that you are getting personal training with them. I highly recommend this gym.!"

-Rakesh Reddy





"Everyone at Punch Fit has been incredible! In just the short time I've been coming to the thirty day kickstart program I already feel I have learned so much! Aneta and Chris are amazing instructors and do a great job teaching how to fight."

-Nick West






"The great thing about Punch Fit is that they teach at your level, either it be as a beginner or someone that’s advanced. This has helped me out a lot as I had a baby not long ago and I’m restarting my fitness journey. Aneta and Chris are giving me the tools I need to get back into shape, while listening to my body and ensuring I get a great workout every time."

-Juliana Gomez





"I have been going for just under a month and really enjoy this place. Chris and Annette do a great job getting the best out of each individual no matter how in shape or out of shape you are (my case). Great diverse group of people and it is a lot more fun then just going to the gym and getting on a treadmill. It is a great workout that Chris and Annette do a great job of varying a lot from class to class. And no experience necessary."

-Adam Byers




"I absolutely love this place! The trainers Chris and Aneta are very kind and fun to work with. Not only do you learn how to box and get fit but you have lots of fun and enjoy every class! I highly recommend this place!"

-Idolina Luevanos






"Chris & Aneta are very awesome genuine people who treat everyone who walks though their door with the upmost respect. The atmosphere is amazing everyone always cheering, helping, and push you in a very positive way. I hated going to regular gyms cough* fit**tion cough* L.A.cough* sorry I hate going to regular gyms machines always taken every time I go not able to get a full workout. Plus if you look at pricing what Punchfit gives you assorted options that suit your needs. I went to a regular gym for a year and barely noticed any change in my fitness 1 month at Punchfit I noticed the change happening. For those who read this review don’t be afraid to try new ways of getting healthier Punchfit offers that opportunity combine that with the amazing people that I have had a honor meeting it’s worth it. The workout and the people keep me coming back 4 times every week (could be more if it wasn’t for a thing called life). This place is worth the try regardless if it works at the end it’s a definitely worth of a try for everyone and anyone. I just also want to note I don’t usually leave reviews but this place earned and deserves the praise I am giving it’s too sweet!"

-Andres Abundes


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